Our background

In our first show we laid the bases of what we called a critical optimism.

It was optimistic because it invented questions and suggested new paths, new ways but at the same time was critical because it did not ignore reality which never fails to fascinate us.

The aim was to create spaces of resistance, little holes where one could think freely and for this this purpose we always used music, movement, a particular sense of humour and a close relationship with the audience, which becomes more and more active with every show.

Our goal now, is to use these spaces to think together, experiencing ideas and emotions through the body.

A part from our shows we started a socio-cultural project, called La Fresca. La Fresca brings all this ideas into reality. Last summer we travelled with our “restless culture caravan” through little rural villages in the north of Catalonia, offering contemporary creation in a popular frame mark. This experience reinforced our intuitions about the need and efficiency of bringing ideas and curiosity to places where they are least expected.

Now, instead of critical optimism we like to call our approach “realisticism”. We use the word “realisticism” to talk about the mystical experience within daily live reality. We are looking for enlightenment in little common things and unexpected places.

It’s not a theme. It’s a vital attitude that underlies all our work, thoughts and actions.

And this is how we arrived at our new project:

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