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PRÁXIS exercises in realisticism

We use the word “realisticism” to talk about the mystical experience within daly live reality. PRAXIS talks about the need to get in contact with something beyond ourselves. Starting with the others. It questions our commitment with the common and how we deal with it as individuals.

We propose two practices ( or rituals):

The first one, on a stage, is to reach a collective catharsis through dancing . The audience will dance the full Ravel’s Bolero as a cleaning, after asking themselves some dirty and embarrassing questions.

The second one brings this experience into reality. We will travel along the highway in our motorhome, during one month, doing this collective dance in the rest areas for truck drivers and families on vacation. Proposing them to stop for a while and do something together in the temple of the transitory before they go back to their moving fortress. This experience will be documented resulting in an exhibition and a publication.

Both, the stage practice and the exhibition can be seen together or separately.

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